Audi A1 2018: this will be the new “Ibiza” premium

By | July 14, 2017

Something is changing between manufacturers premium. Under this motto, Mercedes reworked a few years ago the whole of its range… and it has worked quite well. Has rejuvenated its image, presented all kinds of new product and until modified his philosophy. BMW now goes in the same line: with the release of his next SUV X2, promises a revolutionary change at the level of design, always committed to his well-known gene sports. Well, Audi has also released… and in a big way. With the big event Audi Summit has made it clear this week that gets to the heart of the technological progress, the scanning, driving autonomous… In short, in the car of the future: and the new A8 is its maximum expression.

however, underneath Audi also will deposit to the renewal. The new A3 and the Q3 will soon make their debut also important changes that we have been already talking about, so today we focus on another great novelty that comes: second generation of its smaller car, the Audi A1. A glance at the computer generated images of our illustrator Schulte (always very reliable) enough to verify that will be, home, aesthetically a lot more attractive.

new Audi A1 is expected to arrive on the market fourth quarter of 2018, so that could be unfolding now officially at the next Geneva motor show to be held in march. Lines more sharp, much nerve side of the body and new optical groups shall serve as chair of its new image, more powerful and sporting. Also earn a lot more presence the air inlets.

Audi A1 2018Audi A1 2018: do good-bye to the 3 doors?

Evolved from the platform MQB A0, from whence come all the little cars of the Volkswagen Group and has released the Ibiza of last generation, the new Audi A1 grow slightly in length. Of 3,97 meters current will pass around 4,04 meters long (next to the new Ibiza), being also up to 20 mm width and providing a distance between axis 90 mm is also higher. It seems, therefore, that one of their weak points until now, the space inside, it should improve markedly.

This enhanced functionality of the new Audi A1 will also have correspondence in the trunk. According to the information that we collect from our sister magazine German Auto Motor und Sport, your cargo capacity will now be around 350 liters, that is to say, between 70 and 80 more that in the current generation. The tailgate also promises to be more practical and of greater dimensions.

But perhaps one of the most important changes that is going to register the new Audi A1 is that deleted in this second generation version of 3 doors: as just announced with the new Seat Ibiza. Something each and every day we see more new suvs and compact.

The engines of the new Audi A1

In terms of mechanical, the new Audi A1 debut also the latest engines from the Volkswagen Group, giving a significant jump also in relation to the Seat Ibiza. In gas it is expected that open range the last engine , 3-cylinder, 1.0 TSI 115 HP (waiving the smaller 1.0 out of 75 and 95 HP), while that above should appear in the 1.4 TSI with 125, 150 (and disconnection of cylinders) and to 190 HP of power.

Audi A1 2018 interiorBut if it is not clear yet the difference of concept of the new A1 with respect to the Ibiza, points out because the power will be even greater. From Germany we filtered out since there will be also a 2.0 TSI engine with over 250 HP for the version Audi S1 (up to now remained 230 HP), and, of course, will be ready with adaptive damping; and even a variant even more radical RS1 with 300 HP because of power, nothing more and nothing less.

with Respect to Diesel, at least at launch it is expected that the new Audi A1 to bet on a single motorization: the well-known 1.6 TDI 110 CV that such a good performance is giving after a few years, something hesitant. Not it seems, therefore, that A1 wants to bet a lot of mechanical diesel.

From 17,500 euros… in Germany

The new Audi A1 will bet on a equipment much more complete. The improvement of systems of care, such as notices of change of lane, the pedestrian detection, the wizards, automatic parking, brake assisted, and to the new functions of LED illumination even at the level of the indoor environment, will be a fact.

And speaking of the interior, the new Audi A1 will also to a digital instrumentation up to 6.5 inches, and a system of information and training of the latest generation, with all-in connectivity. And, of course, and as the new Ibiza, it will equip carga inductive for mobile phones. In Germany we already give up its prices: will start from 17,500 euros. We will see in Spain.

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