Dale calm. The new Chill-Mode of the Tesla eliminates the sudden accelerations, etc

By | November 10, 2017
Tesla S P100d
In case you ever wanted your Tesla Model S or Model X to be less abrupt when accelerating and take longer to reach the first 100 km/h, your prayers have been heard. For years, we have focused on the ability of these electric vehicles of the luxury of doing “bite the dust” to various supercars of internationally recognized brands thanks to the way Ludicrous, in that the (or the) engine(s) power(s) receive(n) all the power possible and be distributed immediately to one or two drive axles.

Today, as is often done, Tesla changes the story and introduces us to a new method that “smoothes out” the power delivery —let us remember that the electric motors deliver all their horses available at the instant you press the accelerator— called a mode Chill, that as the expression that represents this idiom, it relaxes the effect of our right foot on the accelerator.
Tesla Chill Mode

Of 4.1 to 7.2 seconds increases the time in which the Model S 100D will reach 60 miles per hour (96 km/h), and, obviously, we can obtain greater autonomy of the batteries.

Tesla Model S 2017 1600 11
The update 2017.44 of the operating system is already available and to activate it simply select the “controls”, “management”, “acceleration” and choose the button Chill. This new variation of the software was released the past weekend and will gradually be available for all owners of these innovative electric vehicles. It also includes an improvement to the access and exit of the driver.

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