Faraday Future cancels your factory Las Vegas

By | July 17, 2017
Faraday Future cancela su fábrica de Las Vegas

Faraday’s Future leave plans for the construction of the factory that was planned to be installed north of Las Vegas. His intention now is to acquire an existing building in which to install the equipment, as advertised, has already at its disposal.

The short history of Faraday Future not surprising. After a presentation that left a number of doubts regarding the actual arrival of the FF91 to the market in February came the news of the reduction of the dimensions of the large factory that had plans to build North of Las Vegas due to problems with the payments to the contractor and the scarce reserves of a car for which they asked $ 5,000 in exchange for very little certainty of one day being able to be with one.

The new twist of this whole story is perhaps the worst that could be expected. Faraday’s Future has announced that it has abandoned plans for the construction of the factory of Nevada and, in its place, plan to buy an existing building that would accelerate their plans and to reduce the costs of construction of a new factory.

Faraday Future reduce su fábrica en Nevada
Faraday Future reduces their factory in Nevada

The strategy is now to acquire a building to set up the machines of the production line and warehouses

The change of strategy, to this point, assumed a negative shock for the image of a manufacturer which was already sown many doubts among its investors. With this announcement, will be increased. LeEco, the chinese company that is behind Faraday’s Future, with Jia Yueting to the head, sold some of the lands that had been acquired for the factory, but intends to maintain the 900 acres (3.6 million m2), although it is not known who use them. This erratic strategy will also affect the pre-bookings of the car, that if they were already scarce, it is now possible that instead of increasing, will be reduced.

Not all the news is bad in relation to Faraday’s Future. Apparently lthe company has all the necessary equipment, to build the vehicles and the only thing you need is the building in which to manufacture them. When you find a suitable facility that meets the dimensions that you need both the machines and the stores for parts, components and finished vehicles, production could begin. Something that we will not believe until you see it become a reality.

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