First images of the production line of the Model 3

By | October 11, 2017
Primeras imágenes de la línea de producción del Model 3

Elon Musk has posted some images of the chain of production of the Model 3 to demonstrate that the process is carried out in an automated way. Has also recognized that the production figures follow the curve provided at the time of the presentation of the car.

The controversy on the production capacity of Tesla’s Model 3, which in the third quarter of this year so was only able to produce 260 units, reinforced by the opinions of some analysts about the possibility of the manufacture of which was enhancing hand, has made it react to its CEO, Elon Musk. Through Instagram has released some images of the production chain, in which you can see functioning robots that perform most of the tasks of mounting and that the process is automated.

it Is necessary to refine processes to achieve high-volume manufacturing

Elon Musk has been quite blunt with the comments made in many media: “their reports are fundamentally false and misleading. We are still in the beginning of the production of the Model 3. All the drives are being mounted on your production line. We have always recognized that it is necessary to refine processes to achieve high-volume manufacturing. There are fundamental problems in the line or in the supply chain. We are confident of being able to manage bottlenecks in a short period of time”.

Parte de la cadena de montaje funciona todavía en vacío
Part of the chain of mount work still in vacuum

Elon Musk has shown in a video part of the assembly line for the Model 3, in which is carried out the welding process. This is only a part of the production, which generally tends to be highly automated. The assembly line is much more complex and time consuming. Some components need to be assembled manually, exactly as it happens with the Model S and the Model X and other models from other manufacturers.

His press officer has advised that currently the chain mounting works to the tenth part of their normal rhythm. In order to verify and to calibrate each stage of the manufacturing part of the line operates in vacuum, which allows an operator to stop the robots to correct or improve the errors that are in the process of mounting.

The Model 3 body line slowed down to 1/10th speed

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last week Musk said that the Model 3 “was still in the hell of the production”. This does not mean that the production rate will not be increased, which is why Tesla has not updated its schedule of deliveries. Tesla continues with the delivery of units to its employees. The first that will reach the general public, in the united States, will not do so until the end of this month of October.

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