Ford comes to the business of bike-sharing, hand-in-hand to Motivate

By | July 15, 2017
Ford Gobike 2

recent detachment of a giant iceberg in Antarctica us sends a very clear message: The global warming should be taken very seriously, if we wish to leave our children and grandchildren a habitable planet.

it Is for this reason that many companies around the world have placed special attention in this area, including those whose business is focused in the sale of vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

One of these companies is Ford, which has long work on more sustainable forms of mobility. Let us remember that two years ago, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona presented an electric bike, as part of its strategy Ford Smart Mobility.

Now, the mark of the oval has created a synergy with the company Motivate to create the program GoBike of bike share, nothing less than that in San Francisco, California. Ford says that despite the steep streets of this american city, the bikes have become one of the means of locomotion more rapid growth.

Bicycle light and safe to walk around San Francisco

In accordance with the Municipal Agency of San Francisco Transportation, in the year 2006 to 2015 the use of bicycles has increased by 184%. In other words, the number of people that moved to work on a bicycle has almost doubled.

as Well as works in the Mexico City, the stations of GoBike will be located in different parts of the city, counting with the support of local officials, community groups and civil associations.

Ford Gobike 3

Ford makes sure their bikes are designed for be easily transported to the hills of San Francisco. Feature structure of aluminum, seat, waterproof, adjustable, and padded, as well as various speeds to choose the resistance that is required and lighting system that is activated by the movement.

Ford and Motivate will have lists 3,500 bikes at the end of September, which will be placed in the entire city of San Francisco, East Bay and San Jose. The project envisages that by the end of 2018 the region will contain 546 stations and 7,000 bikes, which will make Ford GoBike on the second bike share program, largest in the united States.

If you go to the web page of GoBike, you will discover that has costs very affordable: $ 3 per one-way trip, 9.95 for an entire day or an annual membership which costs 149 dollars.

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