Nissan introduces the new Leaf 2018 in the III Forum of Mobility

By | October 10, 2017

Nissan celebrated in Madrid the III Forum of Mobility in which was presented officially in Spain the new Nissan Leaf 2018. The technicians of Nissan unveil some more details on the characteristics and marketing of this new generation.

last Thursday, Nissan celebrated in Madrid the third edition of the mobility forum in which we could see for the first time in Spain the new Nissan Leaf was introduced in Japan last September 5.

Marco Toro presenta el Nissan Leaf 2018 en el III Foro de la Movilidad de Nissan
Marco Toro features the Nissan Leaf, 2018 in the III Forum of Mobility of Nissan

Marco Toro, managing Director Nissan Iberia, was commissioned to show the new Leaf during his speech of presentation of the event a unit of black color pearl, japanese version, and we were told the technicians of Nissan, not fully functional.

the characteristics of The vehicle can refer to them in the article that you devote in your day at the presentation of the car. In our conversation with the technicians at Nissan, we were able to get to know some more details about the european version of the Nissan Leaf.

In the first place the connector J1772 (type 1) on the side of the car to recharge linked will be replaced in the european versions by a connector type 2, which is the one used by the majority of the wallbox domestic that are installed today, including that Nissan offers at the time of selling the car. In addition, in some cases, the holders of the previous generation will be able to replace free of charge the connection box of the car to update it to this connector.

Interior del Nissan Leaf 2018 (versiĆ³n japonesa)
Interior of the Nissan Leaf 2018 (japanese version)

The european version will not begin to be manufactured until December of this year. In 10 days you will be able to make bookings for the special version 2.ZERO that a few days ago and presented in Oslo, which incorporates a special equipment of the launch. These reserves are the first to be delivered to their owners in February-march of next year.

The european version will suffer some tweaks to the suspension and the dynamic qualities in order to adapt it to the preferences of the old continent. This is a classical performance in all its models, which not only occurs in the electrical. Likewise, the finishes and the basic equipment are common to all countries, but then each of them decides to as it incorporates the elements that are not of the series (in the form of a pack or as separate options). We have confirmed that the choice of the e-Pedal will be standard on all models.

In terms of prices, although it has not been cracked yet, assure us that will be similar to the current version.

The battery of the version of 40 kWh that has been submitted continues to be manufactured in the three factories of Nissan in the world. The 60-kWh is already in the process of testing and will be manufactured in the same facility as the 40 kWh. Both have a packing identical to the earlier of 30 and 24 kWh that allows you to occupy the same space as the current one. In its interior they change the modules and the chemistry to allow them to achieve higher capacity. The cooling air is maintained in the battery of higher capacity.

We also confirm that no there will be the possibility of implementing a system of change of batteries between this generation and the previous.

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