Smart will become a car brand exclusively electrical 2020

By | November 10, 2017
Smart se convertirá en una marca de coches exclusivamente eléctricos en 2020

Smart hopes to become the first manufacturer to make a complete transition to electric mobility. A goal can be a reality in 2020, when Europe no longer sell versions of combustion of their models.

a time, Smart has already announced that it would stop offering its combustion vehicles in the united States from 2018. Despite the fact that some reports indicate that this strategy could lead to a reduction of the sales and that could be detrimental to some of its licensees, at least in the united States, Daimler has announced that extended this measure to the european market and finally to the rest of the world markets.

The first country of the old continent in which Smart only sell their models in electric version will Norway. In 2020 this will be extended to the whole of Europe and, according to Daimler, shortly after he will move to the rest of the world markets.

This decision comes after the presentation in Frankfurt of the ForTwo Vision EQ, an advancement of the transformation that mobility is going to suffer in the coming years and for which Smart is being prepared. The goal of Smart is to convert the customization in the key part of your vehicles, so that each owner to convert their mobility into an experience that is fun and unique.

El ForTwo Vision EQ en Frankfurt
The ForTwo Vision EQ in Frankfurt

The urban mobility of the future, ‘of course electric’

Annette Winkler, Ceo of Smart “The Smart ForTwo Vision EQ is our vision of urban mobility in the future; it is the concept of car sharing is the most radical ever developed: fully self-contained, highly connected, user-friendly, customizable, and, of course, electric”.

The mobility shared Smart customize the service thanks to a front grille converted into a display that helps the user to recognize your vehicle. Also incorporates two large projection surfaces on the sides. The absence of pedals and steering wheel enlarge its interior, allowing passengers to work or relax.

Has a lithium-ion battery of 30 kWh, which is recharged automatically; when the vehicle is not in use is capable of targeting itself to a charging station. This vehicle also incorporates a system V2G that allows you to enter energy in the network.

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