Tesla wants to revolutionize the customer service without your car go to the workshop

By | July 15, 2017
Tesla Service

The less fun having a car is having to take it to repairs and maintenance. Tesla wants to change things with a customer service through which you rarely have to spend for one of their workshops. The proposal is as follows: just a WiFi connection to perform updates important and, in 90% of cases, to detect what is not going well.

According to Tesla, for the 80% of the repairs it is not necessary to visit the workshop., therefore, offers a service of technical mobile that can go to where you are and knowing ahead of time what the car needs, thanks to its connection to the internet. They recently purchased more than 350 assistance units in its fleet and already cover 40% of the north American territory.

Tesla Van

In the event that it is necessary to visit the workshop, Tesla mentions that it is likely that the service be completed before you finish your coffee, because their flow of repair is four times faster and occupies three times less space than a mechanical workshop conventional. The brand has just launched 100 service centers around the world.

Everything indicates that Tesla is preparing for the arrival of new customers, with their respective needs. The launch of the Model 3 assumes a significant growth for the brand in the market share of electric vehicles. The satisfaction to the customer, beyond the product, it is crucial to achieve their goals.

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