The Nissan Leaf 2.ZERO point of exhausting their stock in Spain

By | November 7, 2017
Nissan Leaf Leaf 2018 en el III Foro Nissan de la movilidad

In Spain, Nissan has registered 72 orders of the special edition and limited of the new Leaf called 2.ZERO. The availability of this special version of launch in our country is 100 units.

as I told in this link, the new Nissan Leaf is being very well received by the buyers, already achieving, in all the world, 9000 bookings before it has begun to be manufactured for the united States and Europe.

Spain is not an exception in this aspect. The special edition release, called 2.Zero, which can be booked through the website of Nissan ( since October 19, already has registered 72 orders, of the 100 units that will be available of this limited edition. The vehicles will be delivered starting in February of 2018. Nissan offers the option of financing the new Leaf for just 300€ per month during 5 years.

Presentación Nissan Leaf 2018
Presentation Nissan Leaf 2018

The Nissan Leaf 2.ZERO enters the system ProPILOT, the first phase of the driving autonomous Nissan that reaches a level 2. Is the standard of the industry today. The driver has to be involved in the conduction, that is to say, keep your hands on the steering wheel. It is a system that uses the steering, brake and throttle to help in situations of driving in a single lane and in traffic at low speed. Depending on the traffic, the car slows, stops and resumes its motion autonomously.

Cuadro de instrumentos con el sistema ProPILOT
Box of instruments with the system ProPILOT

also Incorporates the e-Pedal that allows for a better control of the car in areas winding as mountain roads in the alternating climbs and descents, and also in urban traffic, in which accelerations and decelerations are multiplied. Allows you to control the speed of the car without removing the foot from the accelerator and resorting to the brake pedal. Reducing the pressure on the accelerator the car slows down and regenerates the power accumulated in the battery. If you release the accelerator pedal completely the car is stopped, even though we are located in a ramp or on an incline.

El nuevo Nissan Leaf incorporará el e-Pedal
The e-Pedal of the new Nissan Leaf

Also includes the system load two-way single that enables you to connect it to a home or office to use your energy, thanks to the advanced technology Vehicle to Grid (V2G).

Includes in addition to the system Nissan AVM – 360° Intelligent Vision and the multimedia navigation system NissanConnect with 7″ screen, leather upholstery and steering wheel and heated seats (front and rear). This finish will have a higher price to the less expensive, which will be available later.

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