The Opel Ampera-e price rises in Europe

By | November 9, 2017
Opel Ampera-e

The Ampera-and increases its price in Europe as a result of the acquisition of Opel by the PSA Group. The rise means an increase of around 4,800 euros more in Norway, and about 5.700 euros in the Netherlands.

To the continuing problems of distribution of the Opel Ampera-and in Europe, with slow waits and even suspension of new orders now joins a price increase considerable, due, according to Opel, the acquisition of the manufacturer part of the PSA Group.

as Well in Norway the price of the Ampera-and has gone on to be 45.000 nok more expensive, which implies that 4,800 euros more. An increase joins to that already suffered earlier this year when he suffered a first ascent of 15,000 crowns. This implies that the current price of the Ampera-and it is 37,000 euros, compared to the 30.700 € it cost when it came to the Norwegian market in December 2016. In the same way that this rise is announced in the Dutch market, although in this case the rise is even higher reaching 5.700 euros.

Opel has explained the reason for h produced this large increase. Stein Pettersen, manager of public relations of Opel Norway, has stated, “This is obviously a sad situation, and sorry to say by the customers and by our distributors. We understand very well that the customers are frustrated and disappointed, but it is a situation that escapes our control”. The reason for the price increase are the conditions that General Motors has imposed on the PSA Group for the resale of the technology to Opel.

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This price increase applies in principle the vehicles to be delivered in 2018 and that will be produced by the factory in Orion, Michigan, from December of this year. Therefore the orders ordained in 2017 should not be subject to this price increase. However the news about the scope of the new price are contradictory, and in some media reports that it will also affect the orders of 2017.

it Is hoped that this news is not only deters many potential buyers of this car in Europe, but that it is possible to cause a rain of cancellations for orders that have already been closed, especially because the competition is starting to get with new vehicles and Opel is losing the advantage that you could enjoy putting on the market an electric car with autonomy superior to all the competition.

In Norway surrendered just 35 units of the Opel Ampera-e in October and the total of deliveries reached only the 1,250 units around 2017. Some of the approximately 5,000 customers who made their reservations already have been advised that your order will not be available until 2019.

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