The Volkswagen Jetta is going in the Uk. Why? Only 379 units sold this year

By | November 9, 2017
Vw Jetta 2018

would Sound illogical that Volkswagen pulled the Jetta of its range in our country when it occupies the fifth place in the ranking of sales, but in the Uk, the market doesn’t smile the same way. The british subsidiary of Volkswagen has decided to remove its offer to the Jetta after having sold only 379 units in 10 months.

Although in some regions enjoying sales healthy, the release is so close its new generation has resulted in a significant drop in the sales of the current model. Just in Mexico, compared with the previous year, the Jetta has sold a 16.8% less. In the Uk, the 379 units sold are lost between 52,722 Golf and 5,398 Passat marketed during the same period.

Vw Jetta 2018 2

it is no secret that the european market has always preferred the hatchbacks, however, the output of the Jetta could be an indication of how SUVS are choking the sales of sedans in the Old Continent —and not only there. While the Jetta loses visibility, the T-Roc is on all sides.

Our colleagues from Coach suggest that the days of the Jetta could be counted in Europe, as the car also appears in the page of the German Volkswagen, so that the sixth generation may well be the last in some european markets.

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In January, during the Auto Show in Detroit, Volkswagen will present the new generation of the Jetta, also made in Mexico and is now built on the MQB platform. In America, where sedans are still the bread of each day, the Jetta has an assured future, at least in the short term, until the SUV to collect the sufficient strength to ensure otherwise.

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