Back to the past: the next Volkswagen Beetle could be rear-wheel drive

By | November 11, 2017
Volkswagen Beetle

Until very recently it was believed that the Volkswagen Beetle was destined to disappear from the range, but new news arrive from Germany and ensure the permanence of this particular model within the portfolio of Volkswagen. Apparently, Wolfsburg are interested in a new generation based on the Modular platform Electric Baukasten.

new Volkswagen Beetle, therefore, it would be electric and would have a lot in common with the production version of the ID Buzz Concept, also of origins retro. The great novelty is that this new generation of Beetle would use a scheme from rear wheel drive, just as the original model already has a good handful of decades.

Beetle 2018

Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, he mentioned the interest of the brand by launching a Beetle within your first wave of electric vehicles. In Germany want take the hand of the emotions to select the models that will come onto the market. Just as mentioned a few weeks following the decision to electrify its range of hot-hatches.

To conclude, Diess ensures that if they wanted to make a new Beetle, an electrical configuration would be much better than the current model, and much closer to the story, because would be a rear-wheel drive.

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