Can a Tesla Model S pollute more than a Mitsubishi Mirage? MIT says yes

By | November 10, 2017
Mirage Tesla

to Create a vehicle “zero emissions” is impossible from the moment that you need a factory to produce it. From this premise, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzed the amount of emissions in the whole life cycle of three vehicles: a Tesla Model S (electric), Mitsubishi Mirage (urban-to-gasoline) and a BMW 750 xDrive (luxury gasoline).

Although the electric cars have a reputation of being a low-polluting, Mitsubishi Mirage turned out to be cleaner than the Tesla Model S due to the emissions required to manufacture it. On average, the calculation of carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer of the Mirage was 192 grams, while the Model S goes up to 226 grams and the BMW 7-Series shoots up to 385 grams.

Tesla Model S

The electric vehicles themselves produce emissions, to recharge your batteries, but don’t pollute the air you breathe.

according To the study, the main reason for that is so polluting to produce hybrid or electric vehicles is due to the batteries. Get the lithium needed requires processes that are highly polluting. The size of the body also has a relevant impact on the amount of energy required to manufacture it.

In the study specifies that these results apply only to the midwestern united States, as it is also considered the nature of the electricity to recharge the batteries. In areas where it uses solar or wind energy to produce electricity, the balance could tilt in favor of the Tesla Model S.


at The end there are many factors that can vary. What is true —and the same researchers emphasize— is that “both hybrid vehicles and electric are better than conventional cars of size and power similar, even in areas of emissions intensive”. The reason is simple: maybe it’s contaminated to the same or a little more than a car with internal combustion engine, but do not directly into the air that you breathe, but since the area where it generates the electricity that powers the battery —usually, far from the cities.

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