Ricardo to integrate the components of the Fisker Emotion

By | November 13, 2017
Ricardo integrará los componentes del Fisker Emotion

Fisker Inc. announces the addition of Richard as a new partner of the project of the Emotion. The engineering company is responsible for the integration of the entire power train power at 800 V which will integrate this new electric model.

The Fisker Emotion is one of the prototypes to electrical is announced for the next few years, in your case 2019, with greater power, range and speed of loading. The integration of all electrical components run from the hand of Ricardo, the engineering firm that this has become a strategic partner of the project.

The Emotion announces a lithium-ion battery chemistry NMC (nickel, manganese and cobalt), manufactured by LG Chem, of 145 kWh of capacity and formed by 21.700 cells cylindrical. You will be able to approve a range of 644 km in the cycle of approval with the EPA. One of the key features of this car is its load speed: 200 kilometers in nine minutes, thanks to a system load ultra fast that operates at 800 V, doubling the voltage of the competition.

Ricardo developed the architecture of the entire powertrain of the Emotion which is based on a network of 800 V, which includes the motors, the converters, the power electronics and the battery of high-density chemical based NMC. The exact details are kept secret and will be revealed, to a greater or lesser extent, at the CES show in 2018 that will be held in January.

El Fisker Emotion será desvelado en el Ces de Las Vegas
Henrik Fisker next to the prototype of the Emotion in San Francisco

The advantages of a system that operates at 800 V are many. Allows the use of cables that are lighter and thinner, smaller engines and more efficient, lower weight of the entire system, less heat generation, lower manufacturing costs, implementation of the recharge ultra-fast and a greater energy yield.

Henrik Fisker, founder and CEO of Fisker has stated, “Ricardo is, without a doubt, a world leader in the integration of power systems electrical. Ricardo will help the Emotion to be truly a vehicle of world-class”.

Paul Rivera, president of Ricardo in the US, has added: “I am pleased that Ricardo is working with Fisker Inc. to overcome the challenges associated with the integration of voltage ultra high energy storage, components, and semiconductor broadband”.

The input Ricardo to integrate the components of the Fisker Emotion first appears in Electric Mobility.

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