The new Nissan Leaf version taxi be presented in Barcelona

By | November 15, 2017
El nuevo Nissan Leaf versión taxi se presenta en Barcelona

The new Nissan Leaf taxi has been featured on the show taxi which was held in the Sant Jordi Club Barcelona. A total of 378 km of autonomy approved in cycle NEDC and its size and capacity is one of the vehicles that best meets these functions.

like the Nissan Leaf first generation has become the model of taxi electric is more used in the cities, the new version of the electric japanese aspira of new to re-edit this ‘title’.

Conditions are missing: 378 kilometers approved in cycle NEDC, the possibility of reload fast and a significant reduction at the level of costs. As explained by Carles Casanovas, the first taxi electric in Barcelona: “electric mobility is ideal for taxi drivers, but I still don’t know. The electric vehicle is the one that pays for itself more quickly, much more than the vehicle is cheaper in the market. There are No maintenance costs and the savings in fuel is very important”. Between fuel and maintenance, an electric vehicle represents an annual saving of around 4,500 euros. These features unite its size, with capacity to transport five occupants and a trunk generous which leaves space for the luggage of the passengers.

Estand de Nissan en la Feria del Taxi 2017
Stand of Nissan in the Fair of the Taxi 2017

around the world there are 113 cities with a presence of electric taxis

it Was a taxi company japanese the first that adopted the Nissan Leaf as a taxi. Since then, is already present in 26 countries (such as Hungary, Mexico, the Netherlands or Great Britain) and in 113 cities around the world. In Spain, several cities have adopted the electric vehicle most sold in the world as taxi. Currently there are already 100 in circulation.

The most prominent one is Madrid, The first 25 units of the Nissan Leaf were delivered in November 2016 at an event that was presided over by the mayor of the city, Manuela Carmena and the Director and General manager of Nissan, Marco Toro. Currently for the Spanish capital circulate 70 electric taxis, Nissan.

Barcelona is the second Spanish city with the most electric taxis, Nissan. By the Catalan capital, circulating as 20 between Leaf and e-NV200. Have also opted for the taxi, zero emissions cities such as Zaragoza, Pamplona, Valladolid, Bilbao or Valencia.

The fair of taxi held in the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona has had a 35% more participants and visitors than last year. The competition not only arises as a meeting point for all agents involved in the world of the taxi, but also to discuss about urban mobility: the taxi electric has a key role to improve the air quality of the cities: zero-emission vehicles, with maintenance savings 40% with respect to the combustion.

The first electric van, adapted

At the Fair of the Taxi from Barcelona has also been presented the e-NV200 adapted for people with reduced mobility, the first electric vehicle with these features. The vehicle is adapted jointly by the technical department of Nissan and Ilunion Adaptation of Vehicles, retains the 5-seater and added a square for a person in a wheelchair.

La Nissan e-NV200, el primer coche eléctrico para personas con movilidad reducida

in early 2018, will launch the new version of this van with a 40 kWh battery that will provide you with a range of 280km with a single charge. As well as the current battery allows you to recharge in quick charge 80% in just 30 minutes and given that it has not increased the size of the battery, the users will not have to give up space or load capacity.

the entrance of The new Nissan Leaf version of taxi is presented in the Barcelona first appears in Electric Mobility.

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