The Volkswagen Up! will continue to live, but only as an electric model

By | November 14, 2017
Volkswagen E Up

a couple of months Ago and listened to the very strong rumor of the demise of the Volkswagen Up!, especially in the european market. But, according to a report from Automobile, the small subcompact German could have one more chance to survive by becoming a vehicle 100% power that will focused on the urban use.

The report says that originally they had thought to launch a new car using the platform PQ, and also played with the idea of spending the Up! platform MQB, but these two ideas were rejected and he was there when we thought that it would disappear. However, Volkswagen has found another solution, and that is to make it a vehicle 100% power. The new model would be based on the e-Up! although it would not be the same.

Volkswagen E Up

To base the new Up! in the electric model that you have now will be able to keep costs low and take advantage of everything we have already learned from the model. The new car is intended to serve as direct competition to the Smart and is available in both bodies 3 and 5 doors. Still it is not known exactly when the brand plans to make this move, but probably will be soon since that will take advantage of the arrival of the family I. D. of electric vehicles to offer this option more accessible.

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